Sleep and babies is a hot topic whether your baby/child has talipes or not. However, wearing a brace can add a few complications to their night time comfort. Here are some tips and tricks for helping your baby/child (and you) get a good nights rest.

During the earlier months, wrapping baby tight will help them sleep. This is definitely still possible while they are wearing the brace, although you will probably find larger wraps are easier, such as 120cm x 120cm.

Make your own large wraps but cutting large squares of fabric such as muslin in summer and flannelette in winter.

Instead of a large wrap, you could try using a cot sheet for wrapping.

Placing a rolled up towel under your babies feet might help take the weight of the brace and make your baby/child more comfortable.

Put baby to bed in a sleeping bag/grobag rather than sheets. This will prevent them getting tangled and frustrated as they toss and turn during the night.

Don’t be concerned by the myriad of strange sleeping positions your baby/child will end up in. We have seen and heard it all, from sleeping with their legs up in the air, the bar resting on their forehead to their body being twisted in impossible looking positions. As long as your baby is sleeping safely they will work out what is comfortable for them.

Many Clubfoot babies like to sleep on their tummies. If you are not comfortable with this (remember SIDS guidelines are to sleep on their backs for as long as possible) then try wrapping them tightly or using wedges to keep them on their back. Once baby starts rolling you will be hard pressed to keep them in one spot.

Some babies will have lots of trouble getting comfortable to sleep. (Our beautiful boy is one of these). Sleeping with your baby might also help. While not necessarily comfortable for you, you will be a comfort to your baby. Just remember if you do sleep with your baby, to make sure all covers and pillows are kept away from their faces.

If your sleeping baby suddenly starts waking frequently, check the distance between the boots is still shoulder width apart. Remember, as they grow the bar needs to be widened too.

While most children remain in their cot until 2 years or more, many parents find moving their Clubfoot child into a bigger bed earlier helps them sleep better. Do ensure your child is protected from rolling out of bed by using a barrier.

Make putting on the Ponseti Boots & Bar part of your child’s bed time routine.

Wrap some padding around the bar or the bars of the cot. This will stop your baby/child being woken up by loud bangs during the night as their bar hits the side as they move around the cot.

Watch this space to find out how to purchase covers in various sizes and colours to wrap around the bar.

Let us know your tips and tricks for helping you and your Clubfoot baby/child get a good nights sleep!