Inevitably a time will come when your little one will assert their growing independence and say “no” to wearing the Ponseti Boots & Bar. This is undoubtably a challenging time, but with patience and some of the following tips, you will get through this phase!

Once your child is old enough to verbally object to wearing the brace, they are probably old enough to understand why they need to wear it.

Make a small photo album of pictures of what their clubfeet were like when they were born, wearing the casts and perhaps of older children who have not had any talipes treatment. This may help them to understand the importance of wearing the brace.

Add some decorations to their brace – stickers etc – to make them fun and fashionable!

If they are complaining of discomfort, check the distance between the shoes does not need to be adjusted. Remember, as they grow the bar needs to be widened to remain at shoulder width apart.

Let us know your tips and tricks for how you coped when your Clubfoot child learnt to say NO! to wearing the brace.