Getting out and about with your Clubfoot baby while in casts or wearing the Boots & Bar is sure to attract stares from passers by. Welcome curious onlookers by explaining your baby/child’s condition and their talipes treatment. It is always a good opportunity to educate others on this common condition and spread the Ponseti word!

When carrying your baby/child remember to support the brace so the weight does not pull down on their feet. This will help prevent their feet slipping – especially for little babies.

Using slings can be tricky. Pouches such as the Baby Bjorn™ or similar are perfect for the Clubfoot baby. Simply thread the back of the pouch through their legs and wear as normal!

If you don’t want people to see, simply cover baby with a blanket or wrap.

For both the casting phase and wearing the Boots & Bar you won’t need any special equipment. Your car seat will be fine for your baby. Prams and strollers with out a bar across the front are preferable as they are easier to get baby in and out of. But remember, the casts and wearing the Boots & Bar during the day doesn’t last for long, so no need to buy a pram with out a bar specially for this time.

Let us know your tips and tricks for when you are out and about with your Clubfoot child!