Definitely one of the most exciting things about the arrival of a new baby is filling out their wardrobe. Don’t be worried that you won’t have that same excitement just because your baby has talipes and has to wear casts or a Ponseti brace. Although there are a few things to consider, your Clubfoot baby/child should be able to wear almost everything a non-Clubfoot child does.

During summer, short leg body suits that snap between the legs are perfect!

During winter, while your baby/child is wearing the brace for 23 hours a day ensure long legged body suits snap all the way down both legs so you don’t have to remove the Boots & Bar to change their nappy.

If you are handy with the sewing machine, cut the feet off all-in-ones and sew a cuff on to the ends. This will help prevent the cut of ends riding up your baby/child’s legs.

Dressing baby in a nighty/dress (yes, even the boys) for bed makes night time nappy changes much easier!

During the casting phase, your baby/child should be able to wear almost anything, just as long as the fabric is stretchy or the fit is loose enough to go over their casts.

Long leg suits that undo down both legs can be hard to find, so we will soon have a selection in various sizes available here. Watch this space to find out how to purchase!

Let us know your tips and tricks for dressing your Clubfoot baby or child!