Finally your baby is here or your older baby or child is ready to start their talipes treatment. We are sure your Doctors will have told you every thing you need to know from a medical point of view, but what about when you get home! Here are some tips and tricks from parents on getting through the casting phase of the Ponseti Method.

Don’t feel pressured to start the casting phase asap. Whether you start at two days or ten days, it won’t affect the success of your babies clubfoot treatment. Take a little time after their birth for your own recovery and to bond with your new little one.

Try giving your baby a bottle (expressed milk or formula) or a dummy (or your finger) while he/she is having the casts put on. While it is not painful, being handled may be upsetting for your baby.

The use of disposable nappies is recommended during the casting phase. The casts are on for about 5 days and nappy leaks are not something you want!

Remember to support the babies legs when they are being held so the weight of the cast does not pull on their little legs.

Use a barrier cream (such as paw paw cream or vaseline) on your baby/child’s leg around the tops of the casts to help prevent any rubbing. Note that extensive rubbing may mean the cast is too tight and you should take your baby/child straight back to the Doctor to have it adjusted.

Most Hospitals will have facilities for you to bath your baby in between casts. For the rest of the time, giving your baby a sponge bath in a warm room is a great way to bond with them during those early weeks.

In summer your baby/child won’t need to wear pant’s while the casts are on. Onesies or bodysuits that snap between the legs are perfect for this.

During winter, wrapping your baby in blankets is probably the best way to keep them warm. Finding long legged body suits and pants wide enough to fit the cast can be difficult although not impossible. Stretchy fabrics are good. Tracksuit pants for the older baby and child would probably do the trick!