Now the challenges really start for you and your clubfoot child. Let’s not sugar coat this. Yes your baby won’t know any different when it comes to wearing the Ponseti boots & bar, but that doesn’t mean they are going to like it! (or, on the other hand they just might not be bothered!) The good news is, you are not alone and following is a list of tips and tricks from other parents of children with talipes going through the same day to day challenges as you.

Socks that don’t have cuffs that grip the baby’s legs are best. We have found some of the Bonds™ socks do not have cuffs.

Alternatively, socks that are long enough to fold back down over the boot.

Cotton socks are best as they allow the foot to breath better than synthetic fibres.

Remember to support the bar when carrying your little one, so that the weight of the Boots & Bars does not pull down on their little feet. This can cause feet to slip in the boots.

If the boots are creating blisters on your baby/childs feet, they may not be fitting properly. Check with your Doctor or Physio as soon as possible as you don’t want to develop sores which will prevent them wearing the brace. Using barrier creams on sensitive areas may help.

Cut the toes off the end of socks to keep the feet cool in summer and to also check that all the toes are flat and the circulation is fine.

If blisters or sores are a problem on the top of the foot, extra padding under the tongue of the boot may help.

If your baby/child’s foot is slipping, try different ways of lacing the boots, ie. from bottom to top or top to bottom.

As your baby/child learns to kick his feet your might like to protect yourself, your baby and your furniture. Many people find wrapping the bar with foam or padding helps.
Aussie Clubfoot Kids will soon have a cover available in various sizes and colours to wrap around the bar. Watch this space for details on how to purchase.

Encouraging your baby to kick with both feet at the same time can help prevent their foot slipping in the boot.

Let us know your tips and tricks for caring for your Clubfoot baby or child while wearing the Boots & Bars!