Aussie Clubfoot Kids is a not for profit organisation aimed at assisting and supporting parents and families of children born with Clubfoot or Congential Talipes Equinovarus.

We offer support through our private Facebook group which contains over 2,500 members all sharing their experiences, offering advice and support to members new and old. Our clubfoot kids have a long and sometimes arduous journey ahead of them and the ability to talk to others who really understand the process, the feelings and the options available is invaluable.

It is our long term goal to conduct awareness campaigns and training within the medical community so that each and every child in Australia born with clubfoot has access to the correct treatment from the very beginning, giving them the best chance at a successful outcome.

Aussie Clubfoot Kids is a volunteer driven organisation. Everyone on the team are parents of their very own Aussie Clubfoot Kid, passionate about supporting other parents along their journey.